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for Individual Users

The app covers the major issues, such as how to deal effectively with sleep deprivation, fears and worries, goal setting, and how to find guidance and clarity in one`s own intuition.  Silence Finder has been developed from 25 years of stress-management workshops with all kinds of human beings on how to effectively reduce stress and deal with increasing complexity.

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for Organisations

Studies have shown that excessive levels of stress leads to poor decision-making affecting employees' and managers' abilities to respond appropriately to important tasks. Chronic stress weakens cognitive skills and performance, and creates low levels of organisational commitment. When stress invades the workplace, individuals develop a sense of fear and anxiety. This affects motivation, judgment, planning, moral reasoning, and health.


Joy (free)

  • Lucy
  • - Activate Your Hidden Joy Center -


  • Silence
  • - Space Between Thoughts -
  • Deep Sleep
  • - The Palace Of Dreams -


  • Energy Expansion
  • - Open Mindfulness -


  • Manifestation
  • - Discover Your Unlimited Potential -
  • Intuition Finder
  • - Connect To Your Inner Guide -


  • Fearless
  • - Being Free Of Karma -
  • Heart Wisdom
  • - The Experience Of Oneness -